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Graphic design, which was mysteriously named an art, is not so mysterious to people who have mastered its techniques. There are different ways of creating designs for graphic designers to use in their works. These ways help them generate ideas that can be used as templates for designing what others will appreciate using visually pleasing aesthetics and appearances.

Founded back in 2019, Kreatif Ninja is a graphic, web design and social media agency based in Christchurch. Providing affordable quality services to a satisfied clientele spread all over New Zealand – from the young to the old – all of our customers have one thing in common – they love what we do. From graphic design to web development, from packaging design to logo design – we cater every need.

  • People love to buy beautiful things. Let us craft your new website and get people salivating over your brand
  • We specialize in acting as a bridge between you and your target audience. Creating the perfect strategy and precise content to draw the attention of more relevant people on the web
  • Whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or somewhere on Facebook, we’ve seen it all. That’s what our clients like. Building trust with knowledgeable experts on their side